tree and shrub services in Bloomfield, CT

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We'll keep your lawn in top-notch condition

Lawn maintenance isn't something you need to spend time worrying about. Just hire a reliable lawn care company to care for your property. You can count on Gileaus Lawn Service for all your lawn care needs.

We're glad to offer tree and shrubbery trimming services in Windsor, Suffield and Bloomfield, CT. Our experienced team can inspect your trees and trim them as needed to encourage healthy growth.

Call now to arrange for professional tree trimming services.

We offer a range of additional landscaping services, including mulching, pruning and stonework.

3 good reasons to schedule regular tree and shrub trimming

While trimming can seem like an endless chore, keeping your trees and shrubs trimmed can benefit your plants and your property. Regular trimming done by a professional can:

  1. Shape the growth of trees and bushes
  2. Improve the health of your plants
  3. Keep your lawn looking neat and trim

If your shrubs and trees are overgrown, our lawn maintenance pros can help. We'll make sure your shrubs are neatly trimmed. Contact us today to schedule trimming services.